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Your relationship with yourself


About Me

I was born in Australia. It's a country that breeds a fresh and relaxed attitude to life, something which I try to carry with me where ever I am. After completing a music degree there, I travelled to Jerusalem, Israel, to delve deeper into my Jewish spiritual roots. I always felt there was a deeper side to life, and exploring biblical places and religious texts in that ancient city, I found a world that I remain spiritually nourished by to this day. 

Following my Rabbinical ordination there, I moved to the UK to work as a communal Rabbi. I learned a lot about the ups and downs of people's lives and the importance of community- a space for people to experience their highs and lows within a supportive framework of other like-minded people. Then becoming a school teacher, I passed through the cauldron of fire that is today's classrooms, gaining greater insight into how kids think and witnessing how both love and boundaries are essential for good human development.

After all that, studying counselling and self-awareness in my mid-life years, both from a secular and Jewish perspective, opened up a world for me that was closer to home than anything I'd done prior, and yet was the most unknown to me! The world of... my true self. It sounds cliched, I know, but learning about the world of my thoughts, feelings and body and learning (even as you read this!) how to master that world - a world which I often found frightening, unpredictable and confusing - has been my greatest achievement. 


I believe our outer world is often a reflection of what's going on inside of us. Life itself is full of colour- sometimes in a beautiful way and sometimes with blotches here and there, but our response to life is often what distinguishes a masterpiece from a mess. And our response is always on the inside. Finding our inner voice, and learning how to make it 'sing', is an accomplishment that lasts a life time. It is a journey I would be honoured to help you take.  



Diploma in  Humanistic Integrative Counselling, NAOS (London)

Orthodox Rabbinical Ordination

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