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Specializing in mid-life issues for men aged 35-50

Mid-life issues

Stages of life play a big part in our mental health. The mid-life period often brings with it a process of rethinking the earlier stages of our lives, looking back and reflecting on how we are doing so far. With the excitement and promise of the teens, twenties and thirties fading, it can be a turbulent time of self-assessment and questioning. While this can sometimes help people consolidate and progress, it can also cause fears, disappointment and sadness. 

My goal is to help clients navigate this period of your life as a force for growth and clarification, rather than confusion and depression.  

Other areas of treatment

Stress and Anxiety 

Life Purpose
Motivation, self esteem, and confidence 

Anger management 

Relationship issues

Coping with life changes

Parenting issues

Family conflicts

Trauma and abuse

Coping with grief and loss
Coping with addictions 
LGBT-related issues 
Intimacy related issues 
Sleeping disorders
Career difficulties 
Bipolar disorder 
Compassion fatigue 
Concentration, memory and focus (ADHD)

Clinical approaches

Attachment-Based Therapy
Person-Centred Therapy
Mindfulness Therapy
Solution-Focused Therapy
Trauma-Focused Therapy

Torah based therapy

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